Top 10 Mental Mistakes BJJ Competitors make and how to avoid them

Have you ever felt frustrated after a match because you knew that you could have done so much better than what you showed, but your nerves got the best of you? You kept telling yourself after the match: 

“That was NOT the real me on the mat! I’m so better than that!”

Even though you trained extremely hard for it, you were ready technically, strategically and physically, but you were not 100% mentally prepared, and you were not able to transfer all your hard work from the academy to the competition mats. 

What exactly was holding you back? Fear of failure? Fear of disappointing others? Fear of making costly mistakes? Regardless of the reason, your job is to find the source of the problem and deal with it!

The list of “Top 10 Mental Mistakes Jiu-Jitsu competitors make and how to avoid them” was based 100% on the mental mistakes I have personally committed in different moments of my life, and I was able to overcome most of them and I learned how to control my strongest negative patterns. Keep on thing in mind, negative patterns don’t disappear, you learn how to control them. This is not necessarily a ranking by any means because each mistake could be very unique for each person.

The intention of this series is not to promise you gold medals, matter of fact is not about medals at all, it’s about discovering and overcoming the negative patterns that might be holding you back from reaching your full potential and achieving the success you desire in all areas of your life.

This content has helped not only myself, world-class competitors and thousand of others, and I am positive it will help you too!

The three main benefits of this content are:

-Enhancing performance

-Gaining great self-satisfaction

-Increasing enjoyment

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