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Elevate your students' competitive mindsets to achieve their performance goals with a Mental Skills Training Seminar led by Gustavo Dantas, a 6th-degree Black Belt and Certified Mental Coach.

Inner Discovery for Outer Success is a dynamic two-hour program designed to bridge the gap between training and competition success. Through interactive exercises and Gustavo's expert guidance, your students will learn powerful mental strategies to:

  • Overcome mental blocks¬†that hold them back from peak performance.
  • Develop self-awareness and self-regulation,¬†the cornerstones of emotional intelligence.
  • Master focus and concentration¬†to stay sharp throughout the competition.
  • Transform setbacks into steppingstones¬†by analyzing past performances and creating personalized action plans.


This seminar is perfect for:

  • All skill levels,¬†from beginners to seasoned competitors.
  • Athletes who struggle with competition anxiety.
  • Students committed to improving their mindset to a higher level to achieve the success they desire.

Benefits for Your Academy:

  • Boost Student Retention:¬†Mental Skills Training and personal development programs like Inner Discovery for Outer Success can help keep¬†your¬†current students engaged and motivated during their BJJ journey.

  • Increase Student Satisfaction:¬†Providing tools and strategies for mental resilience and peak performance can significantly enhance your students' overall training experience, leading to higher satisfaction and better results on and off the mat.

  • Create a Competitive Edge:¬†Equip your students with the mental skills needed to excel in competitions, giving them an edge over their opponents and contributing to your academy's success in tournaments.

  • Strengthen Community and Team Spirit:¬†Hosting a seminar can foster community and teamwork within your academy as students come together to learn and grow.¬†This¬†can enhance the overall atmosphere and camaraderie among your members.


Seminar Logistics:

  • Duration:¬†two-hours
  • Your academy will provide the space/mat. TV or a space for a projector is essential for the presentation.¬†
  • We are flexible with scheduling and can work with your academy's availability.

Investing in your students' mental skills benefits them individually and contributes to your academy's overall growth and success. The BJJ Mental Coach content has impacted thousands of competitors worldwide through seminars, online courses, social media videos, personal mentoring, and live seminars. Now, it's time for your students to experience it live!


Private Coaching: To be announced.

Contact us today at [email protected] to discuss hosting "Inner Discovery for Outer Success" at your academy!


We look forward to partnering with you! - "Gustavo Dantas"