High Performance Coaching with Gustavo Dantas

Are you a high achiever who is interested in taking your personal and professional life to an even higher level?

If so, the “Inner Discovery for Outer Success 2.0” one-on-one High Performance Coaching is for YOU! 

Whether you’ve achieved the success you desired or you’ve been struggling to live the fulfilling and authentic live you deserve, High Performance Coaching can help you get there and stay there consistently!


What does High Performance means?

High Performance means:                                                             

“Succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term.” 

As the motivational speaker Tony Robbins says: “Success leave clues”, and the World’s High Performers do leave clues, and the High Performance Institute researched and studied them for a decade, and created the world’s most complete coaching curriculum, and it is one of the most extensive certification programs in existence, where only 200 Certified High Performance Coaches are trained and certified globally each year, which is why it attracts talented, deeply committed coaches from literally all over the World.

The founder of the High Performance Institute, Brendon Burchard, the world’s most-watched personal development trainer and one of the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures Online, trains personally all coaches.

Here is what the process looks like:

The process

The “Inner Discovery for Outer Success 2.0” one-on-one coaching utilizes the successful 12-week High Performance Coaching Program from the World-renowned High Performance Institute.

High Performance Coaching is a process created to explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. As a Certified High Performance Coach, I provide you a data-driven, science-based program that is proven to help you move forward in your life. 

Through our sessions, you will be exposed to cutting edge techniques that will push you towards your best self, and elevate your performance across every area of your life. You will learn the latest, evidence-based strategies that will propel you forward in your desire to live your best life.

Elevated living is an art and a science. If you want to excel, if you want to achieve, if you want to align your beliefs and values with your personal performance; then this process is for you!

Gustavo Dantas & Brendon Burchard

What to expect from the sessions?

Over the course of three months, High Performance Coaching explores all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.

As a Certified High Performance Coach, I work with you in five key areas: 

  1. Clarity
  2. Energy
  3. Courage
  4. Productivity
  5. Influence

The most successful people in every area of life and work have developed control of these five areas. 

To help you do the same, our sessions aim to help you master your:

  • Psychology
  • Physiology
  • Productivity
  • Persuasion
  • Purpose
  • Presence


This program is conducted over the course of 12 weeks with weekly phone or on the app appear.in . (Some clients prefer to meet every other week for six months.) 

After each session, you receive a worksheet that helps you take the concepts you learned to a deeper level and provides frameworks and tools you can put to use immediately.

You will also receive a recording of each session by e-mail and a follow-up document that highlights the major insights, accomplishments, and commitments from each session.

Sessions are an hour long and cover one module of the Certified High Performance Coaching curriculum. You can see the program content below.

IDFOS 2.0 Foundation Sessions (1-6)

1-Focal Points

Dive into your focus, level of agency and habits while understanding your specific life arenas. You will learn how to effectively assess the major arenas of your life, from your health to your finances and relationships.



Gain immediate, behavioral-driven clarity and intentionality. You will learn where you have strengths and gaps in the amount of clarity you have and tools for turning a life of intentionality into a life well lived.



Gain immediate improvements in the energy you feel and generate each day. You will learn specific practices around rest & exercise, diet & nutrition and daily energizing.


Gain confidence, decisiveness and momentum. You will learn about the impact of fear, how to express your real thoughts, feelings and needs and how to create and respond to challenges by taking action.


Become more effective and productive every day. You will learn how to use and apply a set of tools and concepts to help you quickly and easily improve the areas in life and work in which you feel you are not being as productive as you desire.


Become more influential in your relationships and career. You will learn tools and techniques to raise your level of action and influence in all areas of your life.

IDFOS 2.0 Mastery sessions (7-12)

7-Psychology Mastery

Develop a free, consciously directed, positively engaged mind. You will learn how to go deeper into the primary pillars of high performance and the value (and specific techniques) of mastering the mind.

8-Physiology Mastery

Dive deeper into your energy awareness and gain even more vivacity and vigor. You will learn additional techniques to help you activate your physiology in a way that makes you feel even stronger and more vibrant.

9-Process Mastery

Dive deeper into your productivity practices and increase your competence to eliminate distractions. You will learn additional tools to ensure you are getting the right things done, along with a specific process methodology to effectively determine your will, competence and likelihood of success for any given challenge.

10-Persuasion Mastery

Identify specifically targeted areas in your life where you can become more persuasive. You will learn to effectively gauge how persuasive and influential you’ve been in your relationships and career, along with a specific 3-part formula for thinking through any situation that will allow you to raise your level of effectiveness in these areas.

11-Purpose Mastery

Discover how to live and lead with purpose. You will learn how to evaluate your current level of living and leading purposefully, along with a proven technique and process to clearly define and articulate your passions, desires, drives and purpose.

12-Presence Mastery

Dive deeper into all of your learning’s with a heightened presence and awareness of your demonstrated commitment to high performance. You will learn how to ensure you are implementing the tools and techniques you have acquired throughout this process into your daily routines and practices to ensure you continue the momentum.

"“I began working with Gustavo on High Performance coaching after embarking on a serious new career direction. I trained in BJJ under Gustavo for many years and have always considered him a role model. It was a priceless coaching experience because I have never trusted anybody enough to allow them to help me out focus on my life. Throughout the process, thanks to the teachings in the program, I went through periods of uncomfortableness & heavy self-reflection. I was uncomfortable because I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone and encouraging myself to grow. Near the end of my program, I already had remarkable progress towards the problems that were plaguing me when we first started and I even embarked on running for public office! I grew and flourished so much and doing things I never thought I would do. Thank you Gustavo for helping me steer myself to a brighter life path!”"

Summer Petters

""Before working with Gustavo I worked with several other high performance coaches for a couple years and I still couldn't get out of my rut and couldn't figure out why either. I worked with Gustavo for 3 months and learned more during that time than I ever have. The strategies he taught me helped me grow in my personal and in business life. I'm writing this a couple months post coaching and I'm still implementing a lot of the strategies that helped turn my life around and I am still improving to this day! My productivity is at an all time high and I feel so much more energized and excited to get up every morning. Gustavo help me in 3 months what others couldn't do in 2 years. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone and it's totally worth it!" "

Tyler Mayer

"Gustavo and I began coaching when I was at a point where I was involved in several businesses and projects, my personal life was way out of balance and I was at a low point in terms of my personal capacity to move through a period of time where it seemed that every component of my professional and personal life demanded my absolute focus and energy…I felt burned out, uninspired and for the first time in my life, (possibly) not up to the challenges in front of me.

This was a refreshingly unique process. Yes, there were weekly meetings and homework but the approach was unlike other forms of personal coaching I had experienced. The coaching process ultimately improved my capacity, re-ignited my energy and drive and my productivity significantly improved. The interesting part about it was that it didn’t happen overnight but occurred subtly over time until one day I realized, “I’m back!” – I had forward momentum again.

Gustavo’s enthusiasm, authenticity and genuine engagement in the coaching process was a huge part of the experience for me. Furthermore, he brings a unique element to the process that comes from competing as a sportsman and coach at the highest level in a combat sport and being a successful entrepreneur. This experience brings a quality of honesty, credibility and understanding that hugely facilitates the process and makes it more enjoyable.

If I were to summarize it all in one sentence: I’m further down the road in almost every aspect of my life, I’m moving forward and I’m enjoying the ride! He can also definitely help you to enjoy your journey even more! "

David George


12 weekly personalized coaching sessions with Gustavo Dantas. 

Cost: $5000

I understand that not everybody will be committed to do the work required to remain excited and engaged while positively transforming their life. Because of this if, after the completion of the 2nd session, you have not achieved a measurable improvement in your life, you can email me directly and I'll refund 100% of your investment.


Spend an hour with Certified High Performance Coach™ Gustavo Dantas

Learn how to immediately apply to your life some of the most advanced high performance tools and techniques available anywhere in the world.

Increase your Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence and make this your best year ever!

1. Click "Let's do this NOW!"

2. Complete the questionnaire: Fill out a brief strategy session questionnaire so your session can be personalized just for you. The questionnaire below serves as your High Performance Coaching application. Please answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. There are no right or wrong answers. You don't need to try to impress me. The application just helps me get to know you a little bit.

3. Schedule your session: Upon review of your questionnaire to confirm a good fit, your appointment time will be locked in and Gustavo will connect with you as scheduled (via skype or appear.in) for your personalized free live one-on-one consult.

After reading through the application, please ensure you answer every question and provide a valid email address. Not responding to every question will result in unsuccessful submission of the form and Gustavo will not receive your responses.


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